We are Red Acoustics

Red Acoustics is a dynamic, fast-growing acoustic engineering consultancy with extensive experience and formidable strength-in-depth.

Our technical expertise embraces architectural acoustics, environmental acoustics, pre-completion tests, industrial acoustics & noise control, and vibration assessments.

We operate across a broad spectrum of commercial, private and public sector activities, from residential schemes, hotels, schools, hospitals and healthcare spaces through to large manufacturing facilities, nightclubs and major sporting and music venues.

Founded in 2007 by Simon Webster, we have assembled a team of gifted individuals whose track record for professionalism and commitment is second to none.

Their determination to deliver commercially-savvy advice, harnessed to value-driven solutions keeps our clients coming back, again and again.

Recruiting, training and developing talented people is the fulcrum of our success – enabling us to stay keenly competitive, tirelessly innovative and always at the top of our profession.